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Title:                                American Civil War Memorial
                                Waterloo, NY

Collection Date(s):        2005 - 2010

Extent:                           3 boxes = approx. 4 linear feet (plus 1 oversize flat box)

Creator:                         Caren Cleaveland


Selective documentation, graphics and objects pertaining to planning for and execution of American Civil War Memorial project, including financial, legal, promotional, administrative and event specific materials, as well as videos and photography.


[To be determined]

Processing Note: 

Processed by Caren Cleaveland and William Holmes with assistance by Duke Argetsinger

Access and Restrictions:

The collection is open to research.  Researchers may contact Caren Cleaveland at 585-703-6489 to schedule an appointment.

Historical/Biographical Summary:

The American Civil War Memorial (ACWM) in Waterloo, NY is a memorial park featuring inscribed cenotaphs honoring Civil War soldiers from the Town 9and Village) of Waterloo who were killed in action or died subsequently of war service injuries or disease.  It was dedicated in a public ceremony on Memorial Day 2008.  Planning for the memorial began among residents of Waterloo in 2005 and an ACWM Committee was formed to address legal, architectural and funding requirements on an ongoing basis and to oversee implementation of the project.

Scope and Content:

The collection features selective historical sources that were consulted to identify and assess combat records of soldiers eligible for inclusion in the memorial as well as planning and implementation committee meeting minutes, financial records, architectural documents, legal documents, fundraising and promotional materials, publicity and press records and, miscellaneous papers that comprise the history of implementation of the memorial project.


Parts I-VI are organized by project subject matter categories with respect to planning, publicity and fundraising, events, finances, photographs, physical objects and miscellaneous materials.  There are overlaps in the subject areas and the researcher is encouraged to consult related subject areas. Within each category, the material is organized chronologically whenever feasible.

Container List:


I.   Planning

       A.    Biographical Source Materials:

             1.    Binder holding photocopy of multi-page (oversize) document entitled “Complete Record of                              Officers, Soldiers and Seamen, Town of Waterloo” prepared by the Town Clerk as required by                        New York State law, 1865.  This is the primary source for/ information on the 58 men                                      memorialized.

                    Note:  Item I.A.1 is separately housed in oversize archival box

            2.    3-ring binder holding “Civil War 1859-1866” compiled by Roberta Holden

            3.    Civil War Soldiers of Seneca County: compiled by Betty Auten (Bound).

       B.    Site Development and Sculpting Records:

            1.    Binder “ACWM Sculpting Record” includes documents showing names of individuals                                     memorialized and locations of stars.

            2.    Manila folder containing information on N/S cenotaphs, including dedication and historical                             papers, correspondence and copies of photographs of cenotaphs.

            3.    Manila folder containing information on development of site, including cost breakdowns,                                 drawings, plats, draft design and inscriptions and related material.

            4.    Bound plastic-covered book “Waterloo Canal-Front Civil War Memorial” including site plans,                           land permits, engineering approvals, correspondence and related documentation, circa 2005.

            5.    Manila folder containing Dedication Book drafts and layouts.

            6.    Manila folder “Cenotaph History” containing cenotaph and base background information.

            7.    Envelope containing “Designer Portfolio”

       C.    General Correspondence and Minutes:

            1.    Red bound notebook containing AWCM correspondence, meeting minutes and related                                   documents pertaining to the planning and implementation of the project, circa 2006-2010

 II.    Publicity and Fundraising

            1.    Three-ring notebook containing news articles/clippings documenting planning for and                                     implementation of ACWM, and supplementary manila file labeled “Press”

            2.    “Waterloo Remembers”, Shutterfly book by C. Cleaveland, 2015.

            3.    ACWM pictorial bound book [origin and date]

            4.    Fund raising brochure

            5.    Manila folder with corporate fundraising information and details, including corporate fundraising                     package.

            6.    Manila folder labeled containing Grant Proposal to Canal Corporation, 2006.


       III.    Events

            1.    ACWM “program” handed out at ceremonies for illumination and dedication 

            2.    “Memory Book” small black notebook recording comments by many of the individuals who                             inscribed stones.

            3.    DVD:  “Illumination Days & Nights” video of illumination and dedication ceremonies

            4.    Manila Folder labeled “Events Planning” containing programs and events documentation, circa                     2008, and misc. loose documents

            5.    Posters: Ground-breaking, Flag Day, May 2000; Waterloo Remembers – Memorial Day 2011                        (multiple copies); and, Vietnam Veteran Open House, Jun 11,2017.  

                  Note: Posters (note:  these rolled posters) are housed separately with Physical Objects in Box 3)

IV.    Financial

            1.    Ledger book with names and contact information on donors and detailing amounts donated.

            2.    Blue three-ring notebook containing treasurer’s report and related financial matters,                                       supplemented by copies of invoices paid. [date]

            3.    Two manila folders containing additional financial information and expense detail, 2007-2008

            4.    DVDW labeled “ACWM Finance Back-up”

     V.    Photographs

            Photo Archive of ACWM depicting project developments and activities from initiation to present.                    Photography by William Holmes

            A.    Book One: Activities from 03/28/07 to 09/09/08 [# 4x6” color prints], annotated

            B.    Book Two: Activities from 09/20/08 to 05/28/21 [# 4x6 color prints], annotated


     VI.    Physical Objects

            1.    Hammer and drill used for incising stars. 

            2.    Sample of two of the brass plaques attached to cenotaphs.

            3.    Commemorative lapel pin ACWM

            4.    U.S. Flag (folded)

            5.    Four brass swivel snaps with vinyl covers

            6.    Package of “XX Deep Gold Leaf” application material


     VII.    Miscellaneous

            1.    Letter d. Mar 13, 2007 from C. Cleaveland to NY Governor Spitzer inviting Governor to                                   groundbreaking ceremony

            2.    State of NY “Proclamation” regarding Waterloo Memorial Day by NY Governor Spitzer
                   d. May 28, 2007


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